We Are BACK!

Whether I'm known as Tracey Kennedy, California Country Organics, CC Organics, Calibama, or Jesus Gone Get These Titties you all know that the past year has been a major transformation journey. The ups and downs of entrepreneurship took a devastating toll on me. So, I decided to take a step back, put into practice what I preach, and began learning how to love myself. Stronger than ever I'm back and ready for all the life has to offer!

No matter which journey you're on in life, redefine what society says is for you. Keep looking towards the sky and never let go of what you hold dear. 

Love Yourself Truthfully, Deeply, Organically

And, if you can't figure out how to love yourself, go out and figure out how to love someone else.

  • Body Care

    "There is a little bit of everything, except soap! One stop organic hygiene shop!"- Florida.

  • Books

    "This book pulls back the layers of what a relationship is in a way that I've never read, redefines what lengths one will go through to take back control of their life, space, sexuality."- Virginia.

  • Merch

    "Jesus Gone Get These Titties is the best TikTok series! I'm inspired to be my best self each week! I laugh and cry at the same time!- California.

  • Meet Tracey Kennedy

    In their series titled, "How To Develop Emotional Intelligence" I speak upon self love, and the human connection.

  • On Capitol Hill

    A special thanks to the Birmingham Business Journal for recognizing my speaking engagement on Small Business Resilience in Washinton, DC.

  • Life & Work with Tracey Kennedy

    In depth interview with Voyage magazine on life and business.