Bout That CC Life

This page is dedicated to the beautiful humans that support and love CC Organics!  Without you, this company would be nothing!  You are loved and cherished!  Thank you for your support.  If you would like to be Bout That CC Life, please send your reviews and photos to!

"...that toothpaste is the TRUTH!!"- LaJoi from CA.

"These two kids have more hair than Cousin It!  Hair Vittles keeps their hair shiny, defined, soft and easy to manage!" -CC Organics from AL.

"It was as awesome as I remembered!  It might be a touch sweet but I calibrated my brain to it not being sweet at all so the lack of sweetness overall doesn't faze me.  Though also happy that it wasn't noticeably sweet, because I can't even handle the taste of natural, non-sugar sweeteners like stevia leaf or licorice root."- Pearl from NJ.

"My mouth has never been cleaner.  It fucking amazing.  I'm forever changed!"- Mary Berkeley from AL.

"I was so excited to learn about this product and after seeing the results in Tracey's daughters hair, I I bought the hair vittles right away. Tracey is great, the product arrived fast, smelled amazing, and I feel like my hair is loving them! I definitely will be a returning
customer."- Alison from AZ.

"Product usage.  Makes babies skeptical.  BUT, feels and smells amazing!"- 'Auli'i from TX.

"I bought The Skin Soldier healing cream for my 1 year old's eczema and other has helped us all sleep a little better. (Not scratching all night long). He even asks for us to put it on him, so I assume that means it feels good on his rash.

And for me I got the Acne prone face mask. Feels so good to indulge myself and my skin looks great afterwards!  Thanks Tracey! Your products are amazing!"-  Sydney from CA.

"I love the body butter! I feel so decadent and my skin has never been softer"- Amy from AL.

"I drink a ton of coffee and almost immediately noticed a difference in the color of my teeth.  The sensitivity in my teeth is gone as well!- Lauren from AL

"I just love California Organics Hair Vittles. I bought it for my daughters hair as hair food, for moisture and styling. I am not disappointed. Just wish it was a larger jar. I use the Hair Vittles in conjunction with a detangler and am thrilled by the results."-Sonnett from CA.

"My son and his friend used the toothpaste last night and this morning.  16 year old boys.  They were like it's amazing!  It's whiter after one time!!  ...The lotion [The Butters] has cleared up my arms I still have a few red dots but the dry part is GONE!"- Doreen from CA.

|"It has been a few days now and I have not had to reapply yet. I am in awe
.  I normally have to reapply my coconut oil every other day.  My hair still feels soft and moisturized."-Shea from VA.

"It feels sooooooo good, Tracey. Soft and buttery and smooth all over - and not red and patchy (sometimes my pale ass gets blotchy with even "sensitive" facial products). I love it! Tingled without stinging. Fantastic!  I had a harder time with the eczema issue. I felt like the healing cream provided a lot of skin elasticity and smoothed out my skin in some areas. But I struggled with no anti-itch properties (baking soda? clay bentonite?) and I could. Not. Stop. Scratching. That Bitch. Which I know is more related to my auto immune issues/food issues rather than the efficacy of the cream. I finally gave in and got some prescription strength hydrocordeson which I try to use sparingly. But as that has eased the itch I use the skin soldier to bring back the elasticity and to bring healing to my skin, which might be a little scarred."- Abby from CA.

"You've not lived until you've slathered The Butters on your skin....- Mandy from AL.

"Tracey's mud mouf toothpaste got my teeth whittttteeee!!  Whiter than mayonaise. Whiter than a girl with Grinch fingers in her hair. My teeth so white they're tryna say #alllivesmatter 😂😂😂😂😂😂"- Shannon from CA.

"Shout out to California Country Organics Body Care for their critter spray! I used it this morning before doing yard work in mosquito-infested suburban MD and nary a bite was received except on the spots on my back where I forgot to spray. I made the mistake of arriving here without the spray and the bugs ate my ankles but no more! This stuff works and there's no toxic nothin' in it. There's even a formula for young kids that doesn't contain plant based ingredients that could potentially be harmful to their development. That's how much care was put into this product. I'm so happy I bought it, and I'm not just saying that because Kira and I are featured on their website at, which you should totally check out by the way."- Erin from CA.

"Tried the new Mouth Mud before giving it to my bff. Great improvement. Doesn't stick like glue to my toothbrush, love the texture and flavor. Good job!"-LeNell from AL.

"Tracey's Critter Spray is AMAZING. I spent a week in the Carribean and used it faithfully - I'm usually eaten alive by mosquitos, but on this trip, I was bite-free, and my husband was scratching away!! Highly recommend."- Emily from CA.

"I used the facial facade and I loved it. It made my skin soft, smooth and glowing. I tend to get tons of black heads on my nose and most of them were gone. Will definitely add it to my facial skin care routine. The Butters was amazing on my skin especially my problem areas - elbows, knees, and feet. It left my skin feeling so buttery and smooth. Will use it on a daily basis from now on. My husband loves it too!"- Erica  from FL.

"The Butters is the silkiest, most skin nourishing moisturizer I've ever used. The scent is light and heavenly. I highly recommend CC Organics!"- Marisa from WA.

"I am excited about toothpaste! This is the marvelous Mouth Mud organic toothpaste from California Country Organics Body Care (@calibamacco) and my totally delighted teeth! My mouth feels polished for hours after brushing and even my 9 year old likes it. I LOVE my Mouth Mud!" -Rashida from MD.

"I have tried the mouth mud and love how clean my teeth feel afterwards!"-Kathryn from AL.

Omg this skin soldier is 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 crusty elbows no more!
And I'm having some bad skin days bc my period is coming up and I shouldn't have picked at this bump but I did and then it became a big inflamed scabby mess and I put some of your stuff on it and it is healing soooo good now!!"- Amber from AL.

"My teeth feel clean as FUCK!  The Mouth Mud Toothpaste is helping me with my diet. My teeth feel so amazing after I brush, I don't want to mess it up by eating.  Thanks for making a special batch of Cinnamon. LOVE it!"- Deana from CA.
"The Muscle Relaxer works so good!  Oh my God.  I couldn't believe it.  I work on my feet all day and it helps my aches and pains and helps me sleep at night."- Olivia from AL.
"I haven't slept that good in two years!  That Muscle relaxer calmed my back pain down, I wasn't tossing and turning all night from pain"- Jerry from AL.
"I absolutely love CC Organics!  Face Facade masks and Walking on Eggshells skin scrub are amazing and I'm in LOVE!" -Prissy from AL.

"It's hot and humid in Southern Ca these days and I would be a huge ball of frizz if not for Hair Vittles. This picture doesn't even do this product justice. My husband refers to my hair as horse hair because it is dry and coarse. He pets my hair now 😂

Thank you Tracey!" -Doreen from CA.