About California Country Organics


About Me 

Reclaiming my life has been an incredible journey. After transitioning out of a traumatic time in my life I was broken, lost, penniless, and homeless. I knew I had no other choice but to make some serious changes. The fire of survival that led me to rebuild who I was, pushed me to start California Country Organics.

Living in Los Angeles, CA. while flat broke taught me creativity and resourcefulness. I started occupying my time by creating, whether it was painting, writing, running, or cooking, I was constantly turning my energy into something tangible. I began working long grueling hours cooking in restaurants throughout LA and Hollywood. Those strenuous hours taught me about the value of what nature can provide; the beauty and healing properties of food. I learned so much about myself through food.  

About My Family

I was pretty much nailing getting my mind and heart right. Then, I met Jon. My nerdy, quirky, long-haired, rainbows wearing beach lover. He helped push me to the outer limits of love and companionship. We were attached at the hip from day one. Shortly before our two year anniversary in 2011, my partner and I found out I was pregnant! 

What?!  I KNOW

I was finally getting a taste of normalcy, then all of a sudden I was watching my life take another unexpected turn. Could I be a mom? Was I capable of this responsibility? Seeing that little spec growing inside me for the first time erased the doubt and eased my tension. My baby became my missing piece of the puzzle. There was no greater joy than the anticipation of becoming a mother. My life was forever changed.

The Start of California Country Organics

My new motherhood and move towards a more holistic lifestyle are where the concept of California Country Organics began. I removed as many toxins from my home as possible, I cooked every meal from scratch. When my new little human developed eczema, I started researching natural remedies. I tried this and that, but nothing worked.

In 2013, Jon was suddenly let go from his job. He was the sole provider of our family, so he was swift in obtaining new employment…in Alabama. Three months after my son’s first birthday, we packed up our 1999 Honda Accord and we headed towards a new chapter in our lives. 

Alabama is lush and green and beautiful… and was a nightmare for my family’s skin, not to mention my post-pregnancy nursing hormones that caused havoc on my skin. In addition to issues with my skin, my hair was breaking and falling out. My postpartum stretch marks and hyper-pigmentation were both bothersome as well. I had to figure out something and I wanted to use all natural, effective products - so I began crafting my own recipes. 

I combined my earned Southern California values and ideals with my new country life and produced California Country Organics or simply, CC Organics. A devoted partner and mother of two, I solely own and operate this line of organic homemade external healthcare products.

When I couldn’t afford expensive lotions and refused steroidal creams, I began formulating the recipe for what is now Skin Soldier Healing Cream. A family trip to Malaysia is the reason Critter Spray Bug Repellent was developed. Each product was developed to address my family’s need for holistic, organic, effective body products.

I share not only my story, but the products I make as a symbol of love of self to anyone who is reclaiming their lives or feeling down. With every recipe, I create and with every jar I fill, my mission is to take you away from the roller coaster which is life, and offer a moment to recharge. I want you to indulge in rebuilding your hair, skin, and teeth with high-quality raw, organic, unrefined ingredients. Whether you want to feel more confident with a polished brighter smile by using Mouth Mud toothpaste or rub out aches and pains with Muscle Relaxer Muscle Rub, California Country Organics can assist. Allow me to help you Love Yourself Organically.


Tracey Kennedy